Site design for Screenpush Inc.
Client. Screenpush Inc.
Role. Art Director, Designer
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This was a project done last year that we all put a lot of work into and thought it deserved some facetime here.
Screenpush is an ever evolving digital agency in Los Angeles. Looking to refresh their showcase of current work and refocus the services they provide, we set out to redesign the website and mobile experience. Our goals included typography refresh, logo refresh, social overhaul, revisiting how we showcase current work and exploring what the company stands for. 
Desktop Site
Intro Video
Video loop shot and created for the site header
Logo Refresh
Thought process: 
1. Update typography and font to feel friendly, honest, modern, bold
2. Vertically straighten the hand gesture
3. Brand mark to be a bit more clear it’s a finger pushing a button
4. Enclosed in a circle to represent a button
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